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10 Email Question for the Younger Set (and the rest of us)

After much discussion, we signed our children up for a “kid safe” email application. You know the kind, the children can only send or receive email messages from an approved list of addresses; anything else gets quarantined for my approval.  Anyway, it’s only been a few days since we’ve done this and the children have been reaching out and connecting with family and friends (yay!). Most of the exchanges have been light and inconsequential; “What are you doing?”, “I’ve got email now!”, etc. But one email came through from my Dad (Dennis Eberhardt, affectionately dubbed Grampoo. It’s from the Nick Jr. kids show called Oobi.) that was so well written and addressed many email pitfalls and concerns that we have (but often cannot express effectively because of our my downright fear that in saying THE THING aloud we may actually cause IT to occur). It was a great reminder to me about the importance of email and it touched our middle child so much that it was shared with anyone who would listen. So now I’m sharing it with you.

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